quarta-feira, 21 de março de 2007


RockYou FunNote - Get Your Own

Your written test is coming! Practise new vocabulary and structures doing the exercises below.

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Aline Caixeta Rodrigues disse...

Ana Maria,
I tried to open the REVISION to do in my house and in other two computers, but I couldn't opened it!!!
What shall I do?
What units from the book are in the test???

Ana Maria disse...

Dear Aline,
I´m so sorry you couldn´t open the revision. I´ve just tested in my computer and it worked. I don´t know what could have been the problem.

Dennis disse...

Hi, Ana María.

I also tried to get the revision (review) for the test but couldn't open it.

I feel a little awkward sending this message since I'm not one of your students, but I thought you would probably appreciate knowing that something is preventing the revision file from opening or downloading.

Best wishes!

Dennis in Phoenix

Dennis disse...

addendum to my earlier post:

I expected to get the review material by clicking on REVIEW (since it was a link); it didn't open or download anything. If the review (revision) was the three exercises, however, I'm happy to say that they opened perfectly.

Dennis in Phoenix