sexta-feira, 16 de fevereiro de 2007


This week we talked about friendship and in the recording below I talk a little bit about a friend of mine.

Tell us about your best friend: Click on the link below to record your message and listen to what others have to say. CLICK HERE

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You can also write about your best friend in the comments area. Don´t forget to leave your first name and surname!

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Mateus disse...

I don't have a best friend, but i have specials friends. And now i'm going to talk about one of them. His name is Victor.
I've known him for about eleven years and i trust him.
He is a good friend because he always helps me when i have problems.
He is very funny and he always makes me laugh.
We are friends because we've got a lot in common and we've got the same tastes.
He is great!!

Mateus Bertolini
Teacher: Fabiana

Roberta Arantes disse...

My special friend is Ana Flávia and we met at school 10 years ago. She's special because we grew up together and i feel totally confortable talking to her. We sometimes argue but it's normal. We see each other every day. We don´t have the sames tastes and i think this is good. We are always together in the best moments.

Andrew disse...

My best friend is André, I've meet him at school. We used to play together. He is my best friend because we like the same thinks. We never argue. We see each other every day at school. We keep in touch speaking in the games.

Teacher Angela

Ana Flávia Prado disse...

My best friend is Lo-Ruhama.I met her six years ago at my old school. We started to talk and find out we had a lot in commun, we've got the same tastes and I now I can trust her.
Nowadays she live in Brasília, but we keep in touch by msn and phone a lot.

Daiane Prado disse...

A friend is a person who you trust a lot, you can talk to about everything, go out and you can do many things whith her. I don´t have a best friend, but i have specialfriends. Luana, laís and liriana are my specialfriends more important for me. Wehave got the same sense of humours so we travel together, we have fun, we talk a lot and we study everyday. We see eache other every day, it is good, because we gossip a lot.

Maria Paula Borges Barroco disse...

I don't have a best friend, but i have a special friend. I like her very much. We met her at school fourteen years a go, becouse her mother's were friends. She is my special friend becouse we get on really well, we have the same tastes and we have a lot of in common. We've got the same sense of humor, she makes me lought all the time. I keep in touch buy e-mail, internet and i always go out with her!

Manuela Campos Ferreira disse...

I don't have a best friend because i have many friends,but i' talk about Flaviana,my funiest friend,she is so special to me.Imet her when i was in yhe 4th grade,we were about ten years.Now,i don't study with her but we kep in touch by internt,telephone...We go out toghether,She is so special to me becouse she is verry funny,we have the sema tates and she is really lovely.I LOVE flavi!

Henrique disse...

My best friend is Julia, I've met she when I was 3 years old, and she is very special for me because we studied at the same school since 1994. We have almost the same tastes because we grew up together but sometimes we argue and then is this make our friendship stronger.


Teacher: Angela

rafael ferreira disse...

We have known each other for 13 years. We grew up together. We see each other every weekend and we fight a lot, but how he is a real joker, we soon stop with it. He´s name is Renato and he doesn´t study in my class anymore, hes studies at Promove, but we keep contact by msn and by telephone.

rafael fereira, iA
teacher angela

Anônimo disse...

I dont have a best friend,but i have a special friend his name is Mariano,i met him in the 5th grade.Imeet in a scholl,he is my special friend because he like the same things,we have a lot in common,we play soocer togther,i used to go at his house to paly video-game.But now he lives in another city and now i only talk to them by e-mail. Eduardo R. teacher Angela.

Anônimo disse...

I don´t have a best friend but I have many special friends. One of them is a friend that I met about nine years ago at school. We argue sometimes but we have the same tastes, sense of humor and because of this we get on very well, specially when we are talking about out problems. Today we keep in touch by internet, phone and sometimes we go out together. We love each other because all of this.

Anônimo disse...

i have many good friends butt no best friends i have meet at scholl and we stay together until today . we have got the same tastes in music games and films . we like to go out every week and we keep in touch by computer chats

Anônimo disse...

I dont have a best friend.I have a special friend.
I met her at the club 2 years ago.She is a special friend because we get on wel we have a lot comun We've got the same sense of humor.When we are moody me argue.I see her at the weekends.


Anônimo disse...

I don't have a best friend but i have a special friend. I met him 2 years ago in the school and in the first class we argued but at the break i talked to him and i found out we had the same tates and we played the same games.
In the day afther we met each other in his house we exchangedgames afther that went to the cinema .And then started our friendship.
now a days we see each other on sundays and play soccer.


renatoarantes_haha disse...

I don't have a best friend, however, I have specials friends. Recently I have a good person who helps me and I help her, her name's Marjory Alves.
We play that we are cousins, and some people believe, hehe.
She is very happy person. I knew her two years ago. She studies in my school and I see her every day.
She is very important in my life and I consider a big friend!!!

Renato Magalhães Arantes
Teacher: Fabiana

Pedro Finoto disse...

I have special friends,but there is one that I like muuuchh.Her name is Gabriela,she is a beautiful person!
I know her since 2005..but we have a good friendship!
She helps me a lot..and we've got the same tastes for things!
We argue sometimes..but i'ts normal!
She is very very cool!

Marina Arantes disse...

I don't have a best friend, i have specials friends. But one person is very very special for me. Her name is Bruna. I've known her for 9 years and she is very cool! She is a good friend because we have the same tastes and we've a lot of thing in common.
She is my big friend!